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3 Unique Gift Ideas for Boat Owners This Holiday Season

3 Unique Gift Ideas for Boat Owners This Holiday Season

With the holiday season approaching, the time to start planning gifts for friends and family is near. If you have friends who own boats and want to brighten up their holiday season, WAKE 10 is here to help. 

This year you may want to try something different that will surprise your friends and family who love to get out on the water. Gift cards may be practical; however, they don't have the wow factor most gift-givers look forward to seeing.

If you are trying to create a splash this year for boat owners in your life, WAKE 10 is the place to be. At WAKE 10, we design products that change wakesurfing for boat owners all over. Our wake shapers create wakes that are longer and more defined, while our step mats maintain the quality of boat seat upholstery.

For this holiday season, shake up a boat owner's experience by giving them one of these three unique gift ideas for boat owners.

Give the Gift of a Thrill Ride

One of our featured products is the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator (also called a wake shaper). If any of your friends love to wakesurf, this gift will improve their wakesurfing experience from here on out. Our wake shaper is designed to perfect the traditional wake of most inboard boats.

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator at a Glimpse:

  • Universal design
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with most inboard boats
  • Elongates and curls the wake
  • Affordable

Creating the Perfect Wake with the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator

The wake shaper attaches to one of the boat's sides with the goal of making the wake longer and more defined. A longer and more defined wake means it is easier to surf, making the wake surfing experience more enjoyable.

Our wake shaper is a great gift idea for boat owners, especially those who love wakesurfing. Since the wake shaper improves the wake, it is a fantastic tool to help teach beginners how to wakesurf. 

Without the wake shaper, the wake is short and choppy, which makes learning how to wakesurf incredibly difficult. With the wake shaper, the wake is long, smooth, and more precise, which is ideal for beginner wakesurfers. Learning on a smooth wake builds confidence while also quickly setting wake surfers up for success. 

As for boat owners with wakesurfing experience, this is a great gift idea because it allows surfers to carve like pros and become a master at new tricks. Additionally, experienced wakesurfers can practice and experiment with different moves and master them faster with a more manageable and smooth wake. 

With its universal design, it will certainly work for the boat owner in your life. The wake shaper is made of plastic and marine-grade stainless steel and has suction cup technology that attaches to the boat in seconds. This means you are giving your friends a gift that is easy to transport and connect to the boat, so they can start changing their wakesurfing game sooner. As an added bonus, the wake shaper includes a floating lanyard, so boat owners don't lose their wake shapers while out on the water. 

This wake shaper is built to last and shake up the wake surfing experience. The WAKE 10 Wakesurfer Creator is just one of the gift ideas for boat owners that will light up their faces this holiday season.

Give the Gift of Perfection

An everyday battle among boat owners is trying to dial in the perfect wake.  You may have heard the boat owners in your life complain about how it is difficult to get the wake “'just right.” To solve this problem, most boat owners shuffle their passengers and personal belongings around the boat with the hope of creating the best wake.

Here at WAKE 10, we designed a solution to solve the battle so many boat owners experience. Our WAKE 10 Boat Ballast Bag is a portable, pumpless ballast bag designed to perfect any boater's wake. Our ballast bags are the ideal solution to the never-ending battle between boat and water.

The WAKE 10 Boat Ballast Bag at a Glimpse:

  • Portable 
  • Pumpless
  • It holds up to 50 pounds 
  • Leak proof 
  • Easy to fill 
  • Compact 
  • Affordable 
  • High quality 

The WAKE 10 Boat Ballast Bag Dials in the Ideal Wake

The ballast bag holds up to 50 pounds, meaning boat owners can place it anywhere on the boat. In addition, due to its compact size, the ballast bag can fit into small storage spaces like under the boat seats and is easily added with other boating accessories.

The bag is easy to fill by opening it in the water and moving the boat slowly. The bag features a handle for moving, heat-welded seams, and a leak-tight waterproof zipper to keep the boat interior dry.

If you are seeking to help your friends enhance their wakes, this is just one of the perfect gifts for boat owners. It is small, compact, high quality, and, most importantly, affordable.

Give the Gift of Practicality

Lastly, if you are seeking to bring practicality into a fellow boat owner's life, the WAKE 10 Step Mat is the ideal option. The step mat design protects boat upholstery and evenly distributes weight. 

The WAKE 10 Step Mat at a Glimpse:

  • Protective barrier
  • Distributes weight
  • Color options
  • Affordable
  • Floats
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable

The WAKE 10 Step Mat Protects the Boat’s Upholstery

For example, during a day out on the water, passengers climb across the seats to enter and exit the boat, try wake surfing, or pick something up out of the water. The step mat aims to protect the seats as passengers step on them, acting as a protective barrier that ensures boat upholstery remains in top condition.  

The step mat is also dual-colored so that the mat will match the boat's interior. In addition, the cushion floats so that the boat owner won't lose it.

This is a great gift idea for boat owners because it is practical and affordable. Also, our step mat is of the highest quality and ensures boat upholstery is protected. 

If you choose the step mat out of our gift ideas for boat owners, then you will be helping boat owners care for their boat's interior. Our step mat sets boat owners up to keep their boats looking pristine longer so that they can have lasting fun on the water.

Choose Your Favorite Gift Ideas for Boat Owners

These are only a few unique gift ideas for boat owners that can shake up the upcoming holiday season. So if you are trying to add a splash to a boating enthusiast’s holiday season, check out these products exclusively at WAKE 10!