WAKE10 Gift Guide

4 Gifts for Boat Owners That Will Make a Splash

Trying to surprise your boat owner friends each year feels like an incredible challenge. They either already have what you are thinking of getting them, or the item on their wish list is incredibly overpriced. Will your gift sink or swim? 

At WAKE 10, we strive to create products that are not only high quality and high value, but also reasonably priced. 

Let's dive into the best gifts for boat owners that will be the right fit for your water-loving friends. 

Practical Gifts for Boat Owners

Most boat owners don't need anything super fancy or overpriced. Instead, they want items that will make the boating life more enjoyable, practical, and worry-free. 

#4: The WAKE 10 Step Mat

Starting off the list, we have the WAKE 10 Step Mat — Waterproof Boat Seat Protector. 
This seat cushion protects a boat's seat upholstery. Instead of having the boat seats ripped up and torn apart after passengers climb over the sides of the boat, the WAKE 10 Step Mat will protect your seats. The step mat protects the upholstery from rips, tears, and discoloration. 

In addition, the WAKE 10 Step Mat helps distribute weight to prevent damage. As passengers continuously shuffle in and out of the boat and step on the boat seats, the step mat distributes the weight across a wide area to reduce wear. 

The step mat is also dual-colored so that the mat will match the boat's upholstery. Its size makes storing inside the boat's interior easy while boarding and unloading from the dock. In addition, the step mat is waterproof, floats, and is an affordable option to keep the boat's upholstery in top condition.

Main Features of the Wake 10 Step Mat:

  • Prevents rips
  • Distributes weight 
  • Dual-colored 
  • Water-proof 
  • Floats
The step mat is an excellent option for boat owners because it is useful for any kind of boat and will help your friends keep their boat upholstery in the best condition. 

#3: The WAKE 10 Ballast Bag

Moving to the next item on the gift guide, boat owners and wakesurfing and wakeboarding enthusiasts want to get the most incredible wake possible. To create a great wake, boaters need to use ballast bags, which help distribute the boat's weight while the surfers are out on the water. 

However, sometimes the wake needs a slight adjustment. The adjustment does not need to be an additional large 500-pound ballast bag; instead, it just needs a little nudge here or there to create the perfect wake. 

That is where the WAKE 10 Ballast Bag comes in. This bag holds up to 50 pounds, which is perfect for fine-tuning the wake. In addition, the bag is more lightweight and compact, so boat owners no longer need to shuffle passengers or move things around to get the perfect wake. Instead, boat owners can place the ballast bag in any storage or under-seat compartment to keep it clear of people moving around the deck. 

The bag is effortless to fill up and have ready to go. Once your boat bud is out on the water, all they need to do is open it up, dip it in the lake, and let the lake water fill it up. After sealing the bag shut with the waterproof zipper, it is ready to help your boat owner friend create the perfect wake.

Main Features of the WAKE 10 Ballast Bag:

  • Portable and pumpless
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Leak free
  • Prevents passenger shuffling
  • Easy to use
The WAKE 10 Ballast Bag is an excellent gift for boat owners because it is affordable, practical, and provides a more enjoyable time on the water. 

Wake Surfing Gifts for Boat Owners

If your boat-loving friends love wakesurfing, you should consider giving them a gift that would add to the wakesurfing experience. Wake surfers worldwide understand that having a solid, surf-able wake on a lake is extremely hard to come by. At WAKE 10, we design wake shapers that enhance the wake coming from your boat.  

#2: The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator

This brings us to the next item on our gift guide; the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator. This wave shaper helps create a smoother, bigger, and more defined wake. Designed for universal use, the wake shaper is manufactured to work on most inboard boats. This means that if you give one of your boat owner friends a wake shaper, it will be compatible with their boat. 

In addition, the simple design makes it easy to attach to a boat due to its suction cup design, and you can place it on the boat either in water or out of water. Furthermore, the wake shaper’s body is made of plastic while the suction cups feature marine-grade stainless steel hardware, so it is lightweight and won’t rust. This makes the wake shaper easy to transport to and from the water. 

Measuring eight inches wide, twelve and a half inches long, and seven and three-fourths inches high, it is big enough to create the perfect wake while also not being difficult to transport. 

Boat owners who wake surf will love how easy it is to use the wake creator. Without it, their boat's wake will be short and choppy. The wakesurf shaper will improve the wake surfing experience for both experienced and inexperienced wake surfers. 

The waveshaper also comes with a floating lanyard, so owners will not lose their wake creator while on the water. 

Main Features of the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator:

  • Perfects the wake
  • Universal 
  • High quality
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable 

#1: WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro

Lastly, the Wake 10 Wakesurf X4 Pro is a great gift for boat owners who have narrow hull lines or stepped hulls like the Sanger V Series, Mastercraft X Series, or Mastercraft Maristar. The application and usability of the X4 pro are similar to the standard wakesurf creator. However, the design is different. 

This wake shaper is eight inches wide, nineteen inches long, and nine inches high. The X4 Pro is slightly longer than the standard wakesurf creator due to it being designed to accommodate boats with narrow breaks and chines in the hull. The end result is the same - it creates a better wake by causing the waves to be bigger and have more curl, while also being easy to stow away when not in use.

The X4 Pro features marine-grade stainless steel hardware making it extremely durable and long-lasting. Like the original wake shaper, the X4 Pro has a floating lanyard, so the shaper is never lost in the water.

Main Features of the Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro:

  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Universal design 
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Creates long waves with defined curls
WAKE 10 strives to create products that will make boating and wake surfing easier and less worry-free. All four of these WAKE 10 products will be great gifts for boat owners because of their universality and ease of use. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give your boat owner friends the gift of enhanced wake surfing.