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A Complete Guide to Wake Makers for Boats

Are you tired of feeling like you're surfing in a kiddie pool instead of riding the waves of Maui? We have the solution to your flat wake woes: wake makers for boats. These devices attach to your boat and magically transform your small or choppy wake into a surfable paradise. 

If you're into wakesurfing, you know that the quality of the wake is essential for a good ride. Let’s take a closer look at how wake makers can take your surfing game to the next level.

What Is a Wake Maker?

A wake maker is so powerful that it can turn a lame wake into a surfable wonderland. Wake makers are wedge-shaped devices attached to the side of a boat. They create an angle that will redirect the flow of water, producing a more pronounced and surfable wake. 

Most wake makers are easy to install. For example, WAKE 10's wake makers install using industrial-grade suction cups to make the setup process quick and easy. Once the shaper is in position, it is ready to transform your wake. 

The device placement angle and location is adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune the wake's shape to their preference easily. The exact location and placement of your wake maker at the rear of your boat will determine what your wake will do. Most placements will give you a larger, taller, and less choppy wake. 

With a smoother, bigger wake, you can surf like a champ, regardless of your skill level. 

Why Do Surfers Use Wake Makers?

Wakesurfing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and riders always look for ways to improve their experience. 

One of the biggest challenges in wakesurfing is getting a good, clean wake. Wake makers for boats solve this problem by enhancing the wake, making it easier for riders to surf. No matter your skill level, a boat with a wake maker will improve your surfing experience. 

Another reason people use wake makers is to compensate for smaller boats that may not produce a large enough wake on their own. Wake makers can be used on undersized vessels to create a larger wake, giving riders the same experience as they would have on a larger boat.

At WAKE 10, we created wake makers that are compatible with most inboard boats: The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator and WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro.

In addition to most inboard boats, the X4 Pro is also compatible with the following boats. 
  • MasterCraft X Series
  • MasterCraft MariStar
  • Sanger V Series Boats

What Are the Benefits of Wake Makers?

There are several benefits to using wake makers for wakesurfing. 
  • They can significantly improve the quality of the wake, making it easier for riders to surf. 
  • Wake makers are an eco-friendly option that can reduce the fuel needed to create a wake.
  • Wake makers can be conveniently removed and stored.
WAKE 10 wake makers are affordable, making them accessible to many riders.

Improving Your Wakesurfing Experience

If you want to improve your wakesurfing experience, a wake maker for boats can help. By enhancing the quality of the wake, wake makers make it easier for riders to surf and enjoy their time on the water. 

WAKE 10’s Wake Makers

At WAKE 10, our wake shapers are designed to create a bigger, taller, and less choppy wake. For many surfers, a choppy and small wake can make surfing more complex and even hold those eager to start back. 

With our wake shapers, we aim to get more surfers out on the water and master new tricks faster. See our wake shapers below: 
Made of high-quality and durable materials, our wakesurf creators will help you change your surf game in no time.  

If you'd like to learn more about us and wake makers, contact us today, and we will be happy to get you on the right path.