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Cool Gifts for Boat Owners this Cyber Monday Only at WAKE 10

Cool Gifts for Boat Owners this Cyber Monday Only at WAKE 10

For the upcoming holiday season, gifts for boat owners are the gifts that keep on giving. Boating gifts are the perfect type of gifts for the boaters in your family. So as Cyber Monday approaches, it is time to narrow down where you will buy cool gifts for boat owners this year.

Search no more because we can ensure that WAKE 10's selection of products will meet the needs of those who want to hang loose in your life. At WAKE 10, we know firsthand how hard it is to shop for boat owners.  

Do they want a fun gift? Do they want a practical present? Do they want a surprise with high reliability and high quality? 

We at WAKE 10 work hard to ensure our products balance the right amount of fun, reliability, and affordability for our customers. Having fun out on the lake should be a stress-free and exciting time. So, we make sure our products add to the fun experience.

The Products that Balance Reliability and Fun

Each of our product designs transforms the boating and wakesurfing experience. With items to choose from, like step mats and wake shapers, boaters can have fun on the water and know that their gifts are nearly indestructible. The search to find great gift ideas for boat owners ends here at WAKE 10.  

Meet the WAKE 10-Step Mat

The WAKE 10 Step Mat Boat Seat Protector is one of the best boating accessories and a cool gift for boat owners. When boaters are out on the water, passengers often climb across and stand on the boat seats. 

​The Step Mat design protects boat seats from rips, tears, and stress on the boating upholstery. The Step Mat works through these issues in three different ways.
  • Protective cover
  • Weight distribution 
  • Water resistance 

The Protective Cover

The Step Mat prevents rips, tears, and discoloration from constant stepping, standing, and sitting on boat seats and stern pads. The goal is for the mat to protect the seats and keep them looking brand new while the Step Mat absorbs the damage. 

The Weight Distribution

The Step Mat also distributes weights across it rather than having all the weight gathered in one location. The distribution feature reduces stress on fabrics and seams when passengers step on the boat seats. 

The Waterproof Design

The Step Mat is also waterproof because it features a marine-grade blend of foam and rubber. The material will protect the boat upholstery well and last a long time. The Step Mat also floats, so it is easy to keep track of and features a quick-drying, slip-resistant surface. So, as passengers step and cross the boat, the Step Mat will protect the seats and ensure safety across the boat.

Meet the WAKE 10 Boat Ballast Bag

The next item on our list is the WAKE 10 Boat Ballast Bag. When folks are out on the water, they use ballast bags to assist in leveling out the wave coming off the boat. However, sometimes, boaters only need a partial ballast bag to level off the boat. Instead, they need a little more weight on one side. 

To solve this problem, boaters typically move passengers from one side to the other to fine-tune the wake. At WAKE 10, we’ve eliminated this issue with our Ballast Bag. 

Our Ballast Bag is different because it holds up to fifty pounds and easily fills once on the water. The ballast bag includes an easy carry handle, heat-welded seams, and a leak-tight waterproof zipper. In addition, the ballast bag is a pumpless bag, so boaters can quickly fill it up while on the boat.

The innovation of the ballast bag is that it can fit into small spaces out of the way of passengers. As a result, the boat clears and lets passengers enjoy time on the water.  

The ballast bag is a great way to dial in the perfect wake to complement existing ballast bags on the boat. In addition, it also helps boaters save money and fuel because it can be quickly emptied once it is no longer needed.  

Why choose the ballast bag?
  • Dial in the perfect wake
  • Compact
  • Pumpless
  • Durable
  • Leakproof
  • Save money
The ballast bag is a great Cyber Monday item because it is a durable and practical cool gift for boat owners.  

Meet the WAKE 10 Wakeshapers

At WAKE 10, we strive to perfect and transform wakesurfing for both beginners and intermediate wakesurfers. To do this, we launched the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator and WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro.  

Both Wakesurf Creators work to cultivate larger and longer surf waves on almost all inboard boats. The wake shapers are installed on the side of the boat and enhance the wave for surfers by creating a less choppy and sporadic wake. 

Essentially, it takes all the bad out of a traditional wake and enhances the good already there. 

Wake shapers are a cool gift for boat owners because they are an excellent choice for beginners and advanced surfers. When the wake is calm, long, and larger, beginners can learn the ropes of wake surfing faster. In addition, advanced surfers can carve and learn new tricks easier.  

Both Wakesurf Creators create the same effect, although some design differences exist. 

The Wakesurf Creator

The Wakesurf creator features marine-grade stainless steel hardware, easy-to-flip levers, a single-piece solid injection molded body, and industrial-strength suction cup technology. 

What does this mean? These features create a compact and lightweight design that is nearly indestructible. Users install it by placing it on the side of the boat via the suction cup technology. 

The wake shaper is eight inches wide, twelve and a half inches long, and seven and three-quarters high. This means the wake shaper is easy to transport, install, and store when not in use. 

The wake shaper is also universal, so it fits most inboard boats.

The Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro

The X4 Pro is a little longer compared to the standard wake shaper. However, it features a similar design, like the injection molded solid body, easy-to-flip levers, industrial strength suction cups, and marine-grade stainless steel hardware. 

The X4 Pro measures eight inches wide, nineteen inches long, and nine inches high, so it is larger than the standard. However, it is still easy to install, transport, and store when not in use. 

The most significant difference is that the X4 Pro fits the majority of inboard boats, including the following: 
  • Sanger V Series
  • Mastercraft X Series
  • Mastercraft Maristar

WAKE 10 is Home to Cool Gifts for Boat Owners

The search for finding your shopping destination on Cyber Monday is over. WAKE 10 offers outstanding choices for great prices helping you find the perfect gifts.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit today to find a cool gift for boat owners!