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Finding the Best Gifts for Boaters: Wake Shaper Edition

Finding the Best Gifts for Boaters: Wake Shaper Edition

Are you in search of the best gift for boaters? Are you looking to give a fellow boater the gift of a wake shaper this holiday season? Well, we at WAKE 10 are here to provide you with the solution that will end your journey of finding the best wake shaper.

WAKE 10 is one of the best wake shaper producers in the industry. Our wake shapers feature exceptionally high-quality materials. In addition, the wake shapers sell for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

So, to help you determine the best wake shaper for this holiday season, we will take a closer look at the qualities you should look for while picking out a wake shaper, including:
  • A large wake-shaping area
  • Easy to install
  • Built to last 
  • High compatibility with inboard boats
Wake shapers are great gifts for boat owners. Make sure the boat captains in your life receive a gift they’ll actually love and use. 

A Large Enough Wake Shaping Area

One of the initial things to consider when looking for a wake shaper is finding an appropriate-sized wake-shaping area. If the size of the wake shaping area is not the correct size, then users will not get the results they want. 

​Without a properly sized wake-shaping area, the wake could be too small or even make the wake worse. So, it is crucial to make sure that you choose a wake shaper with an appropriate size area. 

WAKE 10's Wake-Shaping Area

WAKE 10's wake shapers are a great place to get an idea of an appropriate-sized wake-shaping area. 

Let’s start with a look at our WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator. This wake shaper measures eight inches wide, twelve and a half inches long, and seven and three-quarter inches long. The wake shaper's size is designed for the boat to create the optimal wave - smoother, taller, longer, and more curled - once in place. 

The wedge sticks out slightly over half a foot to transform the wake. As a result, both beginners and intermediate surfers can have an excellent time wakesurfing. 

Another option is our WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro, which measures eight inches wide, nineteen inches long, and nine inches high. This one also has an optimal-sized wake-shaping area and will create a smoother, larger, more extended and curled wave. 

Easy Installation

When determining the best gift for boaters, keeping ease of use in mind is essential. If the gift is hard to use, then the receiver may not use the gift the way it was intended. Be sure to choose a wake shaper that is easy to install. 

​One component that can help you determine if the product is easy to install is ensuring the wake shaper uses high-quality suction cups. Suction cups make installation extremely easy because it involves placing the shaper correctly and locking it in place. 

WAKE 10's Easy Installation Process

Both of our Wakesurf creators install using suction cups. WAKE 10's suction cups are made of rubber and marine-grade stainless steel. This means that once the suction cups are locked and loaded, they are not moving. 

In addition, both wake shapers feature easy-to-flip levers that are held in place using marine-grade stainless steel hardware. You can be confident that the wake shaper will not move. 

However, if it falls off, our wake shapers include a floating lanyard so you can always find the wake shaper while out on the water. 

Look for Durable and High-Quality Wake Shapers

You want to purchase a wake shaper that will last. Over time, wake shapers can experience significant wear and tear, so you should ensure you pick one that is built to last. 

Look for high-quality materials that can withstand force and water. Factors to consider include: 
  • Single piece 
  • High-quality plastic 
  • Marine-grade stainless steel hardware
  • Heavy duty
  • Water resistant
If the wake shaper you choose has any of these (or even a combination), then you can rest assured that the wake shaper will withstand any use for an extended period.

WAKE 10's Durability Review

Both of our wake shapers include a combination of the list above. Our standard wake shaper is made of a single-piece solid body injection plastic mold. This kind of design means it is highly durable and can withstand significant use. In addition, the standard wake shaper includes marine-grade stainless steel hardware, so it is solid. 

As for the X4 Pro, this one features a two-piece plastic body injection made of the highest plastic quality. In addition, it also has marine-grade stainless steel hardware. It is solid, durable, and will last after many years of use.

Universal Use with Inboard Boats

The last thing you should consider when picking out a wake shaper is its compatibility with your friend's boat. Most wake shapers are compatible with all inboard boats. However, it is important to double-check before picking a wake shaper. 

WAKE 10's Compatibility

Both of our wake shapers are highly compatible with most inboard boats. However, our Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro is also compatible with the following boats: 
  • MasterCraft X Series
  • MasterCraft MariStar
  • Sanger V Series Boats 
So, when you choose a WAKE 10 wake shaper, you can know that it will work with any of your boating friends’ boats. 

Wake shapers are a great gift idea for boaters. Boating enthusiasts know that wake shapers are one of the most requested boating accessories and can be the perfect gift. The wake shaper is a unique gift that will transform any boater's day on the water.

WAKE 10's Wake Shapers Are the Best Gifts for Boaters

Now that you know what to look for and what not to look for in wake shapers, you can have the assurance that your boating buddy will love their wake shaper.

Check out WAKE 10 for a wake shaper by visiting our website today. In addition, if you need a great stocking stuffer, check out our ballast bag!

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