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Finding the right gifts for a boat owner on black friday

Finding the Right Gifts for a Boat Owner on Black Friday

As the holiday season approaches, many are starting to wonder what they should add to their Black Friday shopping lists. Understandably, when it comes to spreading holiday cheer to the boat owners in your life, finding the best gifts for a boat owner takes work. Sifting through and finding the deals at the different stores is overwhelming and can be complicated. 

Does Aunt Donna need the heated coffee cup warmer? Does cousin Spencer need the unique edition trading cards? Do the Smiths need any boating accessories for their new MasterCraft? 

Where do you look? How do you know who has the deals? How do you ensure the gift you are searching for is going to swim and not sink? 

At WAKE 10, we are the best place to find gifts for a boat owner this Black Friday. We offer various products that are great gift ideas. Each item is crafted with high-quality and durable materials to ensure the gift lasts, and the best part is that we offer items of the highest quality at the most incredible prices. 

You definitely want to visit WAKE 10 this Black Friday! 

Choosing the Right Boating Accessory

If you are searching to find the best boating accessories for the boat owners in your life, look no further. As mentioned, we offer a variety of products that can meet the needs of most boaters this holiday season. However, choosing the right accessory is a tough choice. 

You have to ask yourself a few specific questions:
  • Should it be practical?
  • Should it be fun? 
  • How much should I spend? 
  • How can I give a tremendous affordable gift? 
These questions are great to ask yourself, especially with the holiday season around the corner. So, stick around to find the best gifts for boat owners this Black Friday!  

WAKE 10 Gifts for a New Boat Owner

At WAKE 10, we have a dynamic set of gift options for a boat owner. We offer ballast bags and step mats if you want to give something more practical. However, if you want to shake up a boat owner's wake surfing experience, we offer two different wake shapers. 

Let's start with the ballast bag.

The WAKE 10 Ballast Bag

WAKE 10's Ballast Bag is a unique yet affordable gift for boat lovers. The bag is unlike standard ballast bags; this helps wakesurfers fine-tune their boat's wake. 

Why would a boat owner need the WAKE 10 ballast bag? To get the perfect wake, sometimes wakesurfers have the passengers pivot to different areas on the boat. The pivoting helps fine-tune the wake so that surfers can get the best wakesurfing experience. 

However, the WAKE 10 ballast bag removes the need to shuffle passengers around to find the perfect wake and makes time on the water more enjoyable.

How Does it Work?

The bag holds up to fifty pounds of water to fit into small spaces. For example, boaters can place the bag under a boat seat or in any of the boat’s small compartments. 

Once boaters are out on the water, all they need to do is place the ballast bag in the lake to fill up. The bag has a durable, leak-proof seal and a handle for easy transportation. 

​Our ballast bags are portable and pumpless since they fill up once you dip them into the water. In addition, these ballast bags help boaters save fuel because they can empty them once they finish boating for the day. All of these features make the ballast bag a fantastic gift for boaters.

WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator & WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator 4 Pro

The next unique gift idea on WAKE 10's list is the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creators. Again, we produce different versions of the wake shapers; however, both achieve the same outcome.

What is a Wake Shaper?

Wake shapers help wakesurfers fine-tune the boat's wake. A wake shaper can go on either side of the boat, which helps lengthen and curl the wake more than it would without a wake shaper. 

Meet WAKE 10's Wake Shapers

Starting with the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator, this wake shaper fits most inboard boats. In addition, it has a universal design to assist in developing a larger and lengthened surf wave. This helps wakesurfers ride like a professional because the wake shaper minimizes the choppiness of a traditional surf wave. 

The Wakesurf Creator attaches to the boat with industrial-strength suction cup technology so that it can be removed and attached effortlessly. It is also lightweight and small, so it is easy to transport. Looking at the design, the wake shaper is made of a single-piece solid body injection of plastic to make it highly durable. 

It is easy to use and transforms wakesurfing for experienced and inexperienced wakesurfers. 

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro achieves the same functionality as the standard Wakesurf creator. However, its design fits more types of inboard boats, including the MasterCraft X Series, MasterCraft MariStar, and Sanger V Series Boats. 

The X4 Pro installs the same way as the standard wake shaper with the suction cup technology. Both Wakesurf Creators feature marine-grade stainless steel technology, so they are built to last.

The WAKE 10 Step Mat

Lastly, let's look at the WAKE 10 Step Mat as a boat gift idea. This is a boat seat protector to help maintain the quality of your seat upholstery. It prevents rips, tears, and decay from continually stepping on the boat seats. In addition, the mat keeps seats clean and protected. 

​The mat distributes weight evenly to remove stress on one area of a boat seat. As people step on seats, the mat will absorb the weight. The mat is also two-toned, so it will match any boat's upholstery and blend right in. Protecting the seats will also save you money because your boat seats won’t need repairs as frequently. 

The mat is waterproof and floats because it's made of a waterproof marine-grade blend of foam and rubber. So not only will the mat float but it is built to last and withstand the stress many boat seats feel daily on the water. 

The Perfect Gifts for a Boat Owner

WAKE 10 is the place to shop this Black Friday to find gifts for a boat owner. Our product line has a variety of items so that you will find something for a boat owner.  ​

In addition, WAKE 10 ensures the following for each item we produce:
  • High quality 
  • Durability
  • Great prices
The holiday season is about spreading cheer. We hope we can help minimize the Black Friday pressure and lead you to the perfect gift this year.

Get Boating Accessories at WAKE 10 This Black Friday

So, what are you waiting for? Visit WAKE 10 today to pick up the perfect boating accessory this Black Friday.