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Picking the Right Boat and Wakesurf Accessories

Ahoy there, fellow wave riders! Are you ready to take your wakesurfing game to the next level? Today we're diving into the world of wakesurfing accessories that will make you perform like a pro. 
Whether you want to create a bigger and taller wake or maintain the quality of your boat, there is an accessory for you. From ballast bags to wake shapers, we have all the essentials to make your wakesurfing experience a splashing success.

Wakesurf Accessories: Wakesurf Assistants

Wakesurf assistants are tools designed to help beginner or intermediate wakesurfers learn and improve their skills. The goal of these devices is to assist surfers with creating bigger and taller wakes, which enable wake surfers to catch waves more easily and stay stabilized while surfing. 

Let’s take a closer look at these wakesurf accessories:

Wake Shapers

A wake shaper is a device that attaches to the hull of a boat and helps create a larger and cleaner wake for wakesurfing. It is typically made of a buoyant material such as plastic and can be attached to the side of the boat.

When the boat moves, water flows past the hull and creates a wake behind the boat. The wake shaper is designed to redirect the water flow around the boat, creating a larger and more defined wake for wakesurfers to ride.

The wake shaper creates a pressure differential on one side of the hull, which causes the water to flow in a specific direction. This, in turn, creates a larger and more defined wake on the opposite side of the boat.

Learn more about wake shapers here.

Ballast Bags

A ballast bag fills with water to add weight to a boat, creating a larger wake for wakesurfing. Some boats, specifically for wakesurfing, come with built-in ballast bags.  

Adding weight to a boat with a ballast bag can help create a larger, more defined wake for wakesurfing. By increasing the weight of the boat, it will sit lower in the water and displace more water, which in turn will create a larger wake. 

A ballast bag specifically designed to be used with wakesurf boats makes an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their wakesurfing experience. You can also take advantage of a smaller, more portable ballast bag. These ballast bags fill the gap between not needing another large bag yet still needing some extra weight.

Many boaters shuffle passengers around to fill the weight gap. But smaller ballast bags eliminate the need to do this. WAKE 10’s 50-pound ballast bags can be placed in smaller, more compact spaces while also aiding in creating a bigger and more stable wake.

Boating Accessories: Seat Protectors

Protectors are types of accessories that help maintain the condition of your boat. One popular example is a boat seat protector, commonly known as a step mat.

Step mats help maintain the upholstery and cushions of your boat. At WAKE 10, our Step Mat evenly distributes weight across the entire mat to preserve the condition of your boat’s seats. As surfers climb in and out of the boat, the step mat prevents damage like sunken cushions or tears in the fabric. 

With a step mat, boaters no longer need to fret over damaged boat seats and can instead focus on surfing giant waves out on the water.

Wakesurf Accessories at WAKE 10

At WAKE 10, we specialize in creating wakesurf accessories that can change your overall wakesurfing experience. If you are looking to create a larger and taller wake, we have you covered. 

Check out our selection of wake shapers: 
Both of these wake shapers are compatible with most inboard boats. In addition, the X4 Pro is also compatible with the following boats: 
  • MasterCraft X Series
  • MasterCraft MariStar
  • Sanger V Series Boats
Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about our wakesurf accessories.