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The Most Fun and Useful Christmas Gifts for Boaters

The Most Fun and Useful Christmas Gifts for Boaters

Are you in search of fun and practical Christmas gifts for boaters? Unfortunately, following gift guides online can be more complicated than helpful. Most guides suggest things like personalized captain's hats or boat guest books. 

These gifts may be lovely, but they could be more helpful … and fun! Christmas gifts for boaters should be fun and exciting while serving a useful and practical purpose. 

Here is where WAKE 10 enters the scene. At WAKE 10, we strive to produce the highest quality boating products and accessories that elevate and transform boating experiences. Each product features a design built to make boating more effortless, more durable, and, best of all, the most enjoyable.  

For example, our ballast bag design makes finding the perfect wake much easier. The design removes the hassle of shuffling passengers around and trying to hone in on the perfect wake.  

The ballast bag is just the beginning. The following ideas are guaranteed to make a splash this Christmas season!  Let's dive into each of WAKE 10's fun and practical Christmas gift ideas to help you determine the best gift for a boat owner.

Let's Start with Practicality: The WAKE 10 Ballast Bag

The WAKE 10 Ballast bag is a great Christmas gift for boaters because it is affordable and has a beneficial and helpful purpose. 

Most boats come with much larger ballast bags to help boaters dial in an exceptional wake. However, sometimes a wake only needs slight adjustments, which can be difficult to achieve with a large ballast bag. 

This is where the WAKE 10 ballast bag enters the water. Our ballast bags hold up to fifty pounds of water. So, once boaters are out on the water, they can fill up the ballast bag with the ideal amount of water to adjust their wake.  

​Our ballast bag is excellent for many reasons: 
  • Easy to store
  • Portable 
  • Durable 
  • Leakproof 
  • Durable 
  • Saves fuel 

Easy to Store

Since the bag fills with water, storing it is extremely easy and manageable. When you finish using the bag, just let the water out in the lake and store it anywhere. That’s right. The bag is so compact that it can be placed in small places or along with other smaller boating accessories.  


Another reason the ballast bag is a great Christmas gift for boaters is that it is effortless to transport. As mentioned before, it fills with water. So, when it is not being used, it can be stored in a bag for easy transportation. 

In addition, the bag includes a convenient handle for easy carrying.

Durable and Leakproof

After the bag fills with water, rest assured that it is leakproof and highly durable. The bag has heat-welded seams and a leak-tight waterproof zipper to keep the boat's interior dry. 

So, no matter what happens while on the water, the ballast bag will remain tip-top. As a result, boaters can focus on having a fun time on the water.

Saves Fuel

As most boaters know, the more weight on the boat, the more fuel is used. Thus, our ballast bags are an excellent choice because when you are not needing the extra weight, you can simply dump out the ballast bags instead of cruising around all day with the extra pounds. In addition, the lightweight and easy design means that you can dial in the ideal wake, saving fuel.

The WAKE 10 Step Mat

Up next on the docket is the WAKE 10 Step Mat. The step mat is waterproof and protects your boat seat upholstery.

As passengers shuffle and move around the boat, they step on the seats, which can cause wear and tear. So, to minimize the wear on the seats, the step mat acts as a barrier between passengers and the seats.

A protector like a step mat is a great gift option because it maintains the high quality of the boat's seats and keeps them from ripping. In addition, the mat distributes weight evenly to help protect the seats even more efficiently. 

The mat is dual-toned, so boaters can pick which color will serve them the best. If you decide to give someone the step mat, you don't have to worry about it not matching the boat.

Lastly, the step mat is waterproof, and it floats. So, if it flies into the water, you won't lose it.

WAKE 10's Wake Shapers

Most importantly, WAKE 10 is home to two of the industry's highest quality and most affordable wake shapers.  

​We currently have two different wake shapers: 

What is a Wake Shaper?

Wake shapers are attachments that boaters place on the side of the boat to smooth out, elongate, and increase the size of the boat's wake. Without a wake shaper, a wake is short and choppy, making wakesurfing hard for intermediate and beginner surfers. 

The attachment is a wedge-like device that adheres to the side of the boat to create a drag. As a result, the runoff from the wake shaper smooths out and lengthens the wake coming off the boat. Thus, wakesurfers quickly catch a wave and stay on it. 

So, if you have an aspiring wakesurfer or a veteran wakesurfer in your life, a wake shaper is a perfect gift for boaters.

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creators

WAKE 10's wake shapers produce the same result but have different designs. Let's look at the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator first.

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator

This wake-shaping device measures eight inches wide, seven and three-quarters inches high, and twelve-and-a-half inches long. The wedge portion of the device sticks out seven and three-quarters inches from the boat. 

It’s made of a single-piece solid body, which means it is heavy duty and will last. It features industrial-grade and marine-grade suction cups, so it is effortless to install to the side of the boat. Place the wake shaper on the preferred side and flip the levers down to hold it in place. 

The wake shaper is compatible with most inboard boats, so you don't need to worry about compatibility with your friend's boats. 

And the best part is that it can be installed either in or out of water. When you order a wake shaper, it also includes a floating lanyard, so the wake shaper will never be lost while out on the water!

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro

Lastly, our other wake shaper is the X4 Pro. This wake shaper is different from the standard because it measures eight inches wide, nineteen inches long, and nine inches high. In addition, it includes an eight-by-eight wake-shaping area, giving your boater friends a great wake. 

Unlike the standard wake shaper, the X4 Pro is a two-piece injection-molded solid body, which means it is highly durable. However, this design is a slim base for boats with narrow hull lines or stepped hulls. 

This design is compatible with almost all inboard boats, including the following: 
  • MasterCraft X Series
  • MasterCraft MariStar
  • Sanger V Series
This wake shaper is highly durable and long lasting. It will elevate and transform any boater's wakesurfing experience. So if you want to give someone a delightful and unique gift this Christmas, the X4 Pro is an excellent choice.

WAKE 10's Christmas Gifts For Boaters Can't Wait Much Longer

We at WAKE 10 hope these great gift ideas were helpful for you during the holiday gift search. Our products are highly durable, affordable, and practical. And most of all, extremely fun. 

So, hurry up and visit WAKE10.com today! The gifts can't wait to make your friend's holiday dreams come true!