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The Wake Shaper Is the Leading Gift for a New Boat Owner

The Wake Shaper Is the Leading Gift for a New Boat Owner

When we buy high-powered motor vehicles like boats, cars, or motorcycles, the rush of excitement is palpable. It’s like how kids feel when they open presents on Christmas morning. 

If you know someone who recently bought a boat, you can add to the thrill by giving them the perfect gift. Buying a boat is a lifelong dream for a lot of people, so surprise the new boat owner in your life with a boat-warming gift. 

But what can you give them? At WAKE 10, we believe boat-warming gifts shouldn’t be ordinary. Like owning a boat itself, a present should be exciting and adventurous. You know, the type of gift that boat owners will actually use.

As the home of the top gifts for new boat owners, WAKE 10 offers a few ideas for making that smile on your boat owner’s face even wider.

Why WAKE 10 Is the Best Place to Buy Boat-Warming Gifts

At WAKE 10, high quality and affordability are our top priorities. We strive to create the best products that improve the boating and wakesurfing experience without shrinking your wallet too much. 

We put time and effort into ensuring you receive the best quality and most affordable products. That is why WAKE 10 is the home of the ideal gifts for new boat owners. We design and produce great products at great prices. 

Let's dive into our gift guide for a gift for a new boat owner.

Wake Shapers at WAKE 10

If the new boat owner in your life is also into wakesurfing, WAKE 10's wake shapers are a great place to start your search. However, before we dive into our wake shapers, let’s take a look at how we designed our wake shapers.

Why WAKE 10 Designed Our Wake Shapers

Before a wake shaper is attached to a boat, the wake coming off the boat is short and choppy, making it more challenging to catch a wave while wakesurfing. At WAKE 10, we understand that wakesurfers want to ride a wave quicker and more efficiently.  

That is why we designed and crafted our wake shapers to solve this problem. Our wake shapers easily attach to the boat to help smooth out, increase, and elongate the wake. Wakesurfers using a wake shaper have a smooth and more extended wave, instead of a short and choppy wake. Not only this, but wake shapers cause the wake's curl to be more defined.

In other words, easier wakesurfing. 

Wake shapers are an excellent gift for new boat owners because they make wakesurfing more doable. For example, if a first-time boat owner is new to wakesurfing, one of our wake shapers is an optimal option for a boat-warming gift.

The Wake Shaper's Purpose

  • Smooth out the wake 
  • Make the wake taller and longer 
  • Curl the wake more 
Let's explore WAKE 10's variations of the wake shapers.

WAKE 10 Has Two Types of Wake Shapers

Both designs increase, smooth out, and elongate the wake; however, there are some differences you need to be aware of.

The Standard Wake Shaper: The Wakesurf Creator

The Wakesurf Creator is the first wake shaper created by WAKE 10.

How Does it Work?

The first step is to attach the Wakesurf Creator to the boat. The Wakesurf Creator is extremely easy to install because it has industrial-strength suction cup technology. Instead of permanently mounting the wake shaper to the side of the watercraft, boaters can stick the Wakesurf Creator to the side of the vessel with the suction cup technology. 

The suction cups' design includes rubber and marine-grade stainless steel, which translates to the wake shaper being incredibly difficult to come off the boat while in use. However, the Wakesurf Creator comes with a floating lanyard. If your wake shaper comes off while out on the water, you won't lose it.

The Wakesurf Creator's Design Will Last

The body of the Wakesurf Creator is a solid, single piece of plastic, which means this wake shaper is not coming apart. Since its whole body is one piece of plastic and the suction cups' design includes rubber and marine-grade stainless steel, the Wakesurf Creator is durable.

Wakesurfing Made Simple

The Wakesurf Creator makes wakesurfing simple because of how it elevates the boat's wake. In addition, the Wakesurf Creator's design fits with almost all inboard boats.

WAKE 10's Second Wake Shaper: The Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro

The Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro produces the same result as the original wake shaper.

Design Differences

Looking at the overall design of the wake shaper, the Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro has a different structure than the standard Wakesurf Creator. It has a slim base design made of a fortified injection molded piece of plastic. In addition, the X4 Pro has easy-to-flip levers, so it is easily attached to the boat and comes with an eight-by-eight wake shaping wedge. 

The X4 Pro design works with almost all inboard boats like the original Wakesurf Creator. However, the X4 Pro also works with most vessels that have narrow or stepped hull lines.

Boats the Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro is Compatible With:

  • Inboard boats
  • Boats with narrow hull lines or stepped hulls
  • MasterCraft X Series boats
  • MasterCraft MariStar boats
  • Sanger V Series boats

The X4 Pro's Durability

Like the original Wakesurf Creator, the X4 Pro attaches to boats with the same suction cup technology. In addition, the X4 Pro is held together with marine-grade stainless steel hardware, so it is nearly indestructible.  

The X4 Pro also includes a floating lanyard, so the wake shaper will not be lost while boaters are out on the water.

WAKE 10's Wake Shapers as a Gift for a New Boat Owner

At WAKE 10, we created our wake shapers to change the wakesurfing experience. We believe that our products can help beginners and experienced wake surfers alike. 

Beginners will be able to learn faster since riding a smooth wake is easier. In addition, the cleaner and longer waves help build confidence in all beginners and will have them wakesurfing like a pro in no time.

As for experienced wakesurfers, they will be able to move across the wake with ease. The long, smooth wave creates the perfect zone for mastering new tricks and carving like a champ. 

Thus, wake shapers are great boating accessories for new boating enthusiasts.

Wake Shapers Make Wakesurfing Simple

  • Easy to install 
  • Universal design 
  • Durable
  • Smooths and lengthens wake 
  • Catch waves faster
Wake shapers are the leading gifts for boat lovers.

Get a Wake Shaper Today!

WAKE 10 produces the highest-quality wake shapers for the best price. They are easy to use and change the overall experience. The Wakesurf Creator and the Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro are both superb options for a gift for a new boat owner.  

A gift like this will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the new boat owner in your life, allowing the new boat owner to get out on the water and start wakesurfing like a pro.  

So, to celebrate the new boat owner in your life, give them a wake shaper from WAKE 10 today.