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What Is a Wake Shaper? It's the Key to Improving Your Wake

What Is a Wake Shaper? It's the Key to Improving Your Wake

Are you tired of your boat’s wake being short and choppy? A wake can make or break your time on the water, which is why wake shapers are a growing part of the watersports community. The wake shaper is a revolutionary accessory that serves the sole purpose of making your boat's wake taller and longer. 

One of the first things a wakesurfer needs to learn is catching a wave and staying up. However, learning to stand up can be challenging. A wake without a wake shaper is small, uneven, and not nearly tall enough to make catching a wave any easier. 

Wake shapers change everything. 

A tool like a wake shaper makes wakesurfing more doable, even for beginners. Whether you are just starting or are a veteran wakesurfer, a wake shaper will make your experience much more enjoyable. 

However, before we dive into which wake shaper is the best option, let's first lay out what a wake shaper is and how it works. 

What Is a Wake Shaper Exactly?

A wake shaper is a removable device that boaters place on the side of their vessel to enhance the overall quality of the wake. The device has also been referred to as a wakesurf wedge, wakesurf creator, or even a wake creator. So, if you come across any of these names, they all point to the same device. 

The wake shaper's sole purpose is to create optimal surfing conditions to give surfers the best wake possible. Without a wake shaper, wakes can be choppy, short, and challenging to ride. 

A wake shaper essentially removes all the bad stuff and enhances the good stuff. So, wake shapers make the boat's wake taller, longer, and more manageable for surfers. 

Does the Boat's Size Matter?

In theory, yes. Each boat will have its own unique wake due to its design. A boat's wake is a combination of the shape of the boat, the weight, and the speed at which you are moving. A wake shaper will only enhance what is already there by making the wave taller and longer. 

Which Wake Shaper Do I Choose?

There are several wake shapers to choose from; Here are some things to look for when selecting a wake shaper. 
  • Universal design
  • Durable 
  • Affordable
  • Creates powerful and larger wakes 
Together, these components can give you an exceptional wake shaper. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create the wake of your dreams. At WAKE 10, our wake shapers keep these four components at the forefront of the design.

Our goal is to build wake shapers compatible with most inboard boats, make them durable and affordable, and give surfers the biggest and most powerful wake on the lake. 

Let's meet the WAKE 10 wake shapers!

The WAKE 10 Wake Shapers

At WAKE 10 we put significant time and effort into crafting our wake shapers. As a result, we currently have two in our collection.  Both of our wake shapers make the wake longer and taller. However, the design of the wake shapers do have some differences. Let’s break down each wake shaper individually. 

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator

The Wakesurf Creator is our standard wake shaper and fits with most inboard boats. It is the first in our collection of wake shapers and is phenomenal at creating a taller and longer wake.

The Wakesurf Creator's Design

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator is eight inches wide, seven and three-quarters inches high, and twelve and a half inches long. The device's wedge, which creates the drag, features an eight-by-eight inch wake-shaping area, which is the part of the device that sticks out from the boat.

The wake shaper's structure is made of an injection-molded single-piece solid body, which means it is heavy-duty and will last many years. 

The Wakesurf Creator's Installation Process

The wake shaper is installed using marine-grade industrial-strength suction cup technology. Once the wake shaper is in place, use the easy flip levers to lock it into position.

The wake shaper can be installed either before the boat launches or once the boat is out on the water. The installation process is simple and allows boaters to get back onto the water as soon as possible. 

As a bonus, the Wakesurf Creator includes a floating lanyard so that if the wake shaper detaches while in use, you can easily find it in the water. 

Using the Wakesurf Creator

Once in use, the wake shaper will smooth out the wake while making it taller, longer, and smoother. As a result, wakesurfers can get on the waves more easily and get to having fun on the water. 

Now, let's jump to the X4 Pro wake shaper.

The WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro

The Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro is the second wake shaper in our line of wake shapers. The design differs from the standard wake shaper. However, it still produces the same fantastic result. 

The Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro's Design

The shaper is eight inches wide, nineteen inches long, and nine inches high. It is made up of a two-piece injection-molded solid body, which means it is highly durable and will last for many years. However, this design features a slim base to accommodate boats with narrow hull lines or stepped hulls. 

This design is compatible with almost all inboard boats, including the following: 
  • MasterCraft X Series
  • MasterCraft MariStar
  • Sanger V Series
The X4 Pro features an eight-by-eight inch wake-shaping area, giving users a more prolonged and taller wake. 

The Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro's Installation Process

Similar to the standard wake shaper, the X4 Pro is installed via marine-grade suction cup technology. The X4 Pro's features four three-inch diameter suction cups. 

Once in place, flip the levers and lock the wake shaper into place. The levers feature marine-grade stainless steel hardware, making the wake shaper exceptionally secure. The X4 Pro also includes two floating lanyards. 

Using the Wakesurf Creator X4 Pro

Once it is set up, the wake shaper gives boaters a smooth wake that is longer, taller, and has more curl. This makes it easier for wakesurfers, regardless of experience levels, to have an elite time out on the water. 

Wake Shapers are the Key to a Great Wake

If you want to improve your wake, you should try one of WAKE 10's wake shapers. To learn more, visit our website today.