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The Wakesurf Boat Attachment Break Down

If you are an avid wakesurfer, you know the importance of having the right equipment to create the perfect wave. One type of gear that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the wakesurf boat attachment. 

More commonly known as the wake shaper, a wakesurf boat attachment helps wakesurfers create and surf taller and larger wakes. It is an excellent tool for both beginners and intermediate wakesurfers. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the wakesurf boat attachment works, as well as its benefits for creating the ideal wakesurfing experience.

What Is a Wakesurf Boat Attachment?

A wakesurf boat attachment is a device that is installed onto the side of a boat and is designed to alter the wake's shape. The product is made of durable materials and has a suction cup on one side to affix to the boat's hull. 

Once installed, the angle of the wake shaper redirects the water flow, creating a more surfable wake.

Depending on the placement and angle, the wake shaper will create a larger, more stable wave for any skill-level surfer. Learn more about wake shapers here.

At WAKE 10, we crafted two exceptional wake shapers. 
Both of these devices aim to create bigger, taller, and less choppy wakes. Our wake shapers are made of the highest quality and feature elements such as marine-grade stainless steel hardware, highly durable suction cups, and a solid polymer body.

How Does a Wakesurf Boat Attachment Work?

As a boat moves through the water, it creates a wake behind it. The shape and size of the wake depend on several factors, including: 
  • The boat's speed
  • Weight
  • Hull shape
More often than not, a wake that relies only on the above factors may not be ideal for wakesurfing. In these instances, many boaters turn to a wakesurf boat attachment. 

The wakesurf boat attachment redirects the water flow along the boat's hull. By connecting the device to the boat's hull on the opposite side of the surfer, it redirects the water flow and creates a longer and taller wave, which is crucial for wakesurfing.

At WAKE 10, each of our wake shapers are designed to be compatible with almost all inboard boats. Additionally, the X4 Pro is compatible with the following inboard boats: 
  • MasterCraft X Series
  • MasterCraft MariStar
  • Sanger V Series Boats.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Wakesurf Boat Attachment?

Wakesurf boat attachments improve and enhance the overall wake-surfing experience. Below is a list of specific ways this device can help you dial in the perfect wake.

Improved Wakesurfing Experience

One of the main benefits that draw boaters to wake shapers is that it can create a more surfable wake, resulting in a better wakesurfing experience. Riders can catch longer and more consistent waves, making for a more thrilling ride.

When using a wake shaper, the wake is much more stable and less choppy. As a result, riders of all skill levels will find wakesurfing with a wake shaper much more enjoyable, enabling them to learn faster and master advanced tricks.

Larger Wake

The wakesurf boat attachment's design aids boaters in making their wakes bigger and taller. Depending on how they place the wake shaper, they can attach the device at different angles to dial in the perfect wave for their skill level. As a result, no matter a rider's skill level, they can ride and catch waves more efficiently.

Fuel Efficiency

Another benefit of using a wakesurf boat attachment is that it can reduce fuel consumption. By creating a more efficient wake shape, the boat's engine doesn't have to work as hard to maintain speed, resulting in less fuel consumption and cost savings over time.

What's not to love?

Wakesurf Boat Attachments at WAKE 10

At WAKE 10, we specialize in helping boaters dial in the perfect wake. Each of our products aims to help improve wakesurfing and boating for everyone. From our wake shapers to ballast bags, we are equipped to take your wake to the next level. 

If you are looking for a wakesurf boat attachment, check out both of our wake shapers below: 
Each device creates the perfect large and tall wake to help you enhance the overall surfing experience. Our wake shapers are compatible with different boats, so pick the device that will work best for you.

Try a WAKE 10 Wakesurf Boat Attachment

When it comes to quality and price, WAKE 10 wakesurf boat attachments are unbeatable. At WAKE 10, we’ve been riding waves and improving the wakesurfing experience for years and can’t wait to help you improve your time out on the water. 

If you have questions or are ready to see for yourself just how awesome a Wakesurf Creator can boost your fun, visit to find your wake shaper today.