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5 Benefits of a Wake Shaper for Wakesurfing

If you are a wakesurfing enthusiast, you may have asked, "How can I get a bigger wake?" 

There are many ways to make your boat's wake larger. However, one solution is easier than all the rest, enabling you to have a bigger, taller, and more consistent wake: the wake shaper. 

A wake shaper is a device that attaches to the back of your boat and shapes the wake behind it. It redirects the flow of water to create a more defined and larger wake, resulting in a consistent and clean wake, which is perfect for wakesurfing (read more here). 

Wakesurfing is a physically demanding sport that requires skill, strength, and adaptability. One way to make wakesurfing easier is by surfing on a consistently larger and taller wake. 

When it comes to skill level, beginners and intermediates can find surfing on a consistent wake very helpful. It can help you learn the basics and new tricks, and since wake shapers can help you achieve your desired wake, you can also practice on different-sized wakes. 

Wake Shaper for Wakesurfing – Why You Should Try It

Wake shapers can add the following benefits when you use them for wakesurfing. Let’s take a close look at each one. 

1) A Larger and Taller Wake

The most essential benefit of a wake shaper is that it creates a larger and more defined wake. The shaper works by redirecting the water flow from the boat's propellers, creating a larger, taller, and cleaner wake for riders. As a result, wake surfers can perform more tricks and maneuvers on a more stable platform. 

At WAKE 10, we carry two types of wake shapers to help you achieve this with your wake.  
Each shaper can create a larger and taller wake. Our wake shapers are made from durable and high-quality materials, which ensures that they will last a long time and stand up to the harsh conditions of being out on the water.

​Learn more about our wake shapers here

2) Consistent Wake

Another advantage of a wake shaper is that it helps to create a consistent wake. With a traditional boat wake, the wake can be affected by several factors, such as: 
  • Boat speed
  • Wind direction
  • Weight distribution 
However, with a wake shaper, you can create a consistent wake that is not affected by these factors. This means you can practice and perform tricks in the same conditions every time, which is essential for improving your skills.

3) Increased Stability

Wake shapers can help increase the stability of the wake, which is important for performing tricks and maneuvers. In addition, the shaper can produce a broader and more stable wake, making it easier for you to control your board and execute your tricks.

Imagine wakesurfing behind a boat with an unstable wake constantly changing in shape and size. This can make planning and executing a trick difficult, as the wake's instability can cause you to lose control or miss your landing. 

However, using a wake shaper can carve the wake into a more consistent and stable form, providing you with a better platform to execute your tricks. 

4) Increased Boat Fuel Efficiency

Wake shapers can also increase your boat's fuel efficiency by reducing the need to adjust your boat's speed or weight distribution to get the desired wake shape. By producing a cleaner and more efficient wake, you can save money on fuel costs, and your boat's engine can last longer.

5) Customization

One of the best things about wake shapers is that they are highly customizable. The same wake shaper can create different types of wakes, which means you can customize the wake to your preferences.

By simply adjusting the tilt-angle of the wake shaper and where you place it on your boat's hull, you can create a wake that is more suitable for your skill level and riding style.

Wake Shapers in Action

The impact that a wake shaper has on the wake is determined by both the model of the wake shaper and where it is placed on the boat. At WAKE 10, we have two different wake shapers made to accommodate most inboard boats. Each shaper ultimately produces the same result: taller, larger, and cleaner wakes.

Try a WAKE 10 Wake Shaper for Wakesurfing Today

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, WAKE 10's wake shapers can help take your wakesurfing experience to the next level. Adding a wake shaper to your wakesurfing toolbox can take your time out on the water to new heights. 

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